Concerted efforts in Morocco to provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake

Concerted efforts in Morocco to provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake

Rescue teams continue intensive efforts in villages destroyed by the Moroccan earthquake, although hopes of finding survivors are dwindling, six days after the disaster that left nearly three thousand people dead.

In parallel, efforts are continuing to open and expand mountain paths amid rugged terrain. To deliver aid to remote villages located deep in mountainous areas.

Military helicopters have been carrying out dozens of missions daily since Saturday in isolated mountainous places, including evacuating the wounded and transporting aid.

On the roads leading to mountain villages, the armed forces distributed tents to residents who lost their homes. But this does not prevent survivors from continuing to be anxious, as some of them in particular fear the rain.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Morocco announced the allocation of financial support worth $14,000 to the homes that completely collapsed as a result of the earthquake, and $8,000 to rehabilitate the partially collapsed homes.

During a meeting of the Moroccan King, King Mohammed VI, regarding activating the emergency program to rehouse disaster victims, it was decided to grant urgent aid worth $3,000 to the affected families. The Moroccan King also directed that the highest priority be given to the rehousing process, while providing the necessary conditions for it.

Fears of winter

From the village of Talbourine in the Taroudant province, Al-Ghad’s correspondent monitored the situation, as the village was completely destroyed, in addition to other nearby villages.

Despite the material and moral support for the affected residents there, the survivors fear the winter and future means of housing. This comes in light of a broad solidarity campaign by the Moroccan people with the affected areas.

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Moroccans are continuing a broad campaign of solidarity with the affected areas from various regions of the Kingdom, and their destination is one of the areas affected by the earthquake.

Residents of the affected areas are awaiting a work map regarding the future of their residence before the bitter cold of winter sets in, after basic materials have been provided to them by the citizens and concerned authorities.

Emirati efforts

The Emirati search and rescue team, which arrived in Morocco to assist in relief work and provide aid, began its humanitarian mission in cooperation with Moroccan rescuers to search for survivors under the rubble. The Emirati team includes 117 people from various specializations.

Al-Ghad Camera accompanied the Emirati rescue team with the Moroccan rescue team in the mountains of Al Haouz Province.

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