Concerns about the rise in COVID-19 cases in the United States before winter

The contagious delta variant of COVID-19 is causing an increase in hospitalizations in states spanning the Rocky Mountains and fueling damaging outbreaks in the northern United States, a worrying sign of what could be unleashed this winter in the country.

While trends are improving in Florida, Texas and other southern states that saw the brunt of the increase in infections in the summer, it is clear that the delta variant has not ended in the United States. By winter, the virus appears to be heading north and west, as people turn to indoors, close their windows, and breathe enclosed air.

“We are going to see many outbreaks in unvaccinated people that will result in serious diseases and that will be tragic”, informed the doctor Donald Milton, from the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

In recent years, a university in Vermont suspended social gatherings after an increase in infections related to Halloween parties. Boston authorities closed an elementary school to control an outbreak. Hospitals in New Mexico and Colorado have been overrun with patients.

In Michigan, the Detroit metropolitan area has once again become a hotbed of contagion, with nearly 400 COVID-19 patients hospitalized. Mask use in Michigan has dropped to about 25% of the population, according to multiple polls followed by an influential group at the University of Washington that creates databases.

“Concern about COVID in general has practically disappeared, which is unfortunate”said the doctor Jennifer Morse, medical director of the health departments of 20 central and northern Michigan counties. “I feel strange when entering a store with a mask. I am a minority. It’s very different. Nowadays there is a really unusual environment ”.

New Mexico is running out of beds in intensive care units even though the vaccination rate in the state is higher than the national average. A decrease in people’s immunity could have something to do with it. People who were vaccinated against the coronavirus in the early stages, but have not yet received booster injections, may be soaring the numbers of infections, even if they still have some protection from the most extreme consequences of the virus.

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“The delta variant and decreased immunity: the combination of these two has set us back”, he asserted Ali Mokdad, a professor of Health and Metric Sciences at the University of Washington. “This virus is going to be with us for a long, long time.”

The delta variant dominates infections throughout the United States, representing more than 99% of the samples tested.

No state in the country has achieved a high enough vaccination rate, even when combined with contagion-induced immunity, to avoid the type of outbreaks currently occurring, Mokdad stressed.




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