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Miguel Bosé has always tried to keep his private life out of his professional career, but lately he has been immersed in several controversies that have eaten the artist and have focused much of the attention. And it is that Bosé has been in the news for a long time, again and again, for his scandals and personal controversies that have damaged his image, such as his anti-vaccination and coronavirus denialist position.

In one of his last interviews, he himself admitted that he was not going through a good moment of health, and that he had lost his voice as a result of his personal problems. Even so, it seems that the singer of ‘Amante bandido’ decided to participate as a ‘coach’ in the new edition of ‘La voz’ México, where his voice and his way of speaking have set off alarms about his health.

His appearance caused a stir among social network users, who assured that the singer was not understood what he was saying, his voice was noticeably deteriorated and he was making strange movements on stage. In addition, many were outraged to ensure that the interpreter was doing ‘playback’ in a live song program.

Some have even compared Bosé to the late José José, the Mexican singer who also lost his voice due to bacteria, and who had addiction problems throughout his life.

“It is disrespecting everyone … better not sing, we understand who he is and why he is there, but if he does not have a voice that he does not playback,” some viewers said during the broadcast of the program.

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A few months ago, Mexican media highlighted that Bosé was in a complex state of health and that his thinness did not even allow him to stand up, so he was confined at home. Although the information was not confirmed and the singer has been strong on stage, it is now his voice that has ignited the concern of many.

For its part, TV Azteca, the Mexican channel that transmits the musical format, has shared the entire performance with this message: “Fascinating performance of our great coach, Miguel Bosé”, but this has not silenced the messages of concern for his Status: «Very sad to hear it like this. It’s a shame, ”responds a viewer.

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