Concern: A monkeypox patient fled the hospital in Mexico and traveled to the United States

Monkeypox is the new virus that has the entire world on alert, so much is the fear of suffering from it that patients begin to flee from hospitals. This was the case of a man from Dallas, Texas, who traveled to the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, to vacation with his partner, but during his tourist visit symptoms of ape disease were detected. Instead of continuing isolation, he chose to flee to his home country. Now this case outrages more than one nation.

Subject’s symptoms began on May 30: cough, chills, muscle pain, and pustules on the face, neck, and trunk. He immediately called his American doctor, who He suggested that he go to a medical center in the place where he was to receive medical care. Once reviewed by the health authorities of Jalisco, it was decreed that he could suffer from monkeypox and that he would have to remain under observation, but the man ignored it and “ran away”.

Monkeypox is the virus that now has the whole world on edge – Carlos Luján – Europa Press

The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) issued an epidemiological alert on the 48-year-old traveler who was in several places and celebrations during their stay in Mexican lands. Despite the doctors’ instructions, he was seen leaving with his suitcases on June 4, although his return flight to the United States was scheduled for June 6. He tried to track him down, but the SSJ could not find his whereabouts. The airlines were told not to let him board, but he may have boarded earlier after changing his flight.

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United States health authorities communicated to Mexico to warn of all the places where this person was, so your contacts are already searched. In this sense, all citizens who attended parties at the Mantamar Beach Club were alerted. The health workers of the Aztec country asked them to go to a medical center in case of presenting symptoms. The monkeypox He arrived in Mexican territory on May 28 through an American tourist. The measures for him were different, because he did respect isolation and stayed in a hospital in the country’s capital to avoid infecting more people.

These are the type of skin rashes that arise from monkeypox
These are the type of skin rashes that arise from monkeypox

Monkeypox is not as contagious as the flu or Covid-19, but rather in this disease closer contact between people is needed. More specifically: a closeness of the skin with the pustules that arise in positive cases is required, so the distance in this disease is one of the most important factors.

The incubation period for the virus is two weeks. and, regarding its risk, it has a high possibility of registering serious conditions in children and older adults. For this reason, there are some countries that already apply the monkeypox vaccine, although experts assure that the version for normal smallpox also works and has positive effects.



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