“Computer error”. French government announces its resignation by mistake – News

“Prime Minister Jean Castex presented the resignation of the Government to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron”, read the message, according to several French media.

The government headquarters, at Palacio Matignon, acknowledged that the release of the statement was due to a “computer error that should not have occurred”, public radio France Info reported.

This situation occurs when in France the resignation of the government is expected, although it is not expected until at least Monday, and the name of the next prime minister is expected to be announced.

Macron’s second term officially began today, but the resignation of the executive and the formation of the new one were delayed for a few days.

Initially, the postponement was due to Castex’s previously scheduled trip to the Vatican for the ceremony scheduled for Sunday for the canonization of figures from the Catholic Church, including three Frenchmen.

However, Paris announced this morning that Macron will travel to the United Arab Emirates this Sunday because of the death of that country’s president, Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahayn, as well as to provide support to the new president, his brother Mohammed bin Zayed.

As the President and Prime Minister cannot be abroad at the same time, Castex will stay in France and the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, will represent him at the Vatican ceremony.

Macron said last Monday in Berlin, during his first trip abroad after his re-election on April 24, that he had already decided who would be his next prime minister, but that he would not announce it at that time.

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