There are still 70 Argentines at the Miami airport whose return flights to Argentina have not been rescheduled.

The complaints of the Argentines who cannot return from abroad due to the official restriction on the number of flights arriving in Ezeiza are multiply for these hours in all the world. “It is not pleasant what we are going through because the meaning of the measure is not understood. Lowering the number of passengers that can return to Argentina from 2000 to only 600 was something untimely”, assured in dialogue with TN a man called Jose Muñoz waiting for his return to the country at the Miami airport.

Muñoz showed all his annoyance with the situation by stating that “it is a disparate that they prohibit him from returning to people who already have two vaccines applied and negative PCR, especially in a country where vaccines are lacking. I had to travel the June 29, but they reprogrammed my ticket for him August 5. I am trying in some way to pass the bad moment that we are suffering here ”.

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Many people who are in Miami have very bad that the Government qualify them as “tourists”, since some of them traveled in recent days to the American city because they are relatives of the disappeared Argentines by the tragic collapse of the building Champlain Towers.

All those people who finally manage to return to the country and live in the province of Buenos Aires will have to quarantine for a week in a hotel and pay for it out of pocket. (Photo: EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)For: EFE Services

For his part, the doctor Mario Fuks, who traveled to Los Angeles to give a conference and then moved to Miami to see a son, said that “it is very incredible everything. I am with my wife and yesterday Aerolineas Argentinas canceled our flight to Buenos Aires and no rescheduling date. They do not answer WhatsApp messages or phone calls, and it is said that flights are passing for August. The truth is that it is a shame, I can’t believe I’m going through this Especially since I already have the two doses of the Sputnik vaccine applied, I have positive antibodies measured two or three times, and I also have negative PCRs. If a person is healthy, why is he forbidden to enter the country? “

At the same time Luis Horacio Borro, an Argentine from 76 years found in waiting list at the Miami air station, he had bought his ticket at 2019, before the coronavirus was unleashed around the world. “I didn’t feel like traveling because of the pandemic, but I finally had to do it because they didn’t put me off any more the flight. On Argentinian airlines and the travel agency told me that if I did not travel I would lose my ticket. Now we are coming every day to the airport to see if they can change the date of the trip, but everyone is doing the same and that’s why there is no place ”.

Man, what is insulinodependiente, added that “I received the first dose of the Sputnik vaccine in Argentina, but as it never came my turn for the second I consulted with my doctor and decided to apply a dose of Pfizer here in the United States ”.

Evelyn, another Argentine who is also on the waiting list in Miami with her husband Ramon, it also showed overshadowed due to the impossibility of returning to the country: “They harm us, the Argentine government he does what he wants and we are left stranded here. We bought our trip in 2019 and we are here on vacation. From Aerolineas Argentinas they told me that if I did not travel to Miami before June 30, we would lose the tickets or we would have to pay 150 thousand pesos difference for each one ”, explained the woman.

Visibly angry With the official measure of restricting the number of flights arriving in Ezeiza, Evelyn added: “I was 90 days without leaving my house in Ushuaia respecting the DNU and quarantine. It seems to me that it is a disrespect that the government that represents us has said that it is better for Argentines who are abroad to stay there. Are some disregarded, because they travel at the expense of our sacrifice because they are politicians who have lived politics for years, and they come to speak to us like that? We have right to travel where we want, because it’s our money and I don’t live on plans. They have no face ”.

After 18:30 Argentine time, the list of the last flight from Miami was closed and a total of 70 Argentines stayed out of this last plane on Tuesday, which unleashed anger and tears among those affected.