Complaints found reveal abuse suffered by many Russian soldiers: ‘Our children are not animals’

Indeed, according to the correspondence found by the media cited above, Russian soldiers are sometimes forced or strongly encouraged to go to Ukraine to fight.

There the soldiers would live in miserable conditions, with scarce medical facilities and insufficient food.

Parents’ anger

Mihkail’s mother, a Russian soldier in her twenties, gives the reasons for her anger in the email she sends to the prosecutor’s office: “When I called my son, he told me they were taking him for a practice. Later it turned out that it was to let in war. They lived in tents, could not wash at all. He had to eat dry rations and only got half a portion, she explains. There was also no drinking water on the train. Our children are not animals. Where is the justice?
Other parents report that their children “ohhave been tricked into participating in a military operation and that their lives are now in danger. They never had full military training.“They then ask to find their children and”to take them to a safe place urgently.”
Other testimonies confirm this tendency towards coercion within the army. Elena, a Russian citizen, even explains that the grandson of a friend “forced to sign a contract and was beaten by his superiors“.

false pretenses

Many Russian soldiers as well as conscripts (people registered for military service) were manipulated, as a 21-year-old soldier explained. This one, who thought he was going to Syria, ended up on Ukrainian territory: “

I was fraudulently sent to Ukraine without considering my own wishes

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he says.

I’m in the front line, in firing position. i lost

all my friends in battle.

I’m 21 and I want to live. But what

and can i




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