Complaint for the closure of the mental health guard of the San Martín hospital

A poster placed on the door of the mental health guard of the San Martín de La Plata Hospital announcing the closure of the area and the referral of patients to other medical centers in the Region, caused concern in the hospital community. Consulted by this means, from Health they assured that it was a temporary closure and the area is currently operational.

As reported yesterday, “the Mental Health guard closes to attend to external demands because it does not have an inpatient room with full operational capacity and while there are three patients hospitalized in the UAC and another two with hospitalization criteria awaiting referral.”

They also explained that “in this context there is no physical space to care for patients or to protect them in case they present a risk to themselves and/or third parties.”

“We insist on the need to continue advancing in strengthening the network of effectors that can respond to emergency and hospitalization demands,” they added.

Due to the situation, professionals gave notice “to SAME, the Hospital’s management and the Undersecretary of Mental Health and Family Court.”

A poster posted on the door of the guard and addressed to the public reads: “Mental Health Guard Closed.” And it describes that “in case of emergencies, users should go to: Rossi Hospital (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), Alejandro Korn Hospital (24 hours), Central Guards of other general hospitals (24 hours) and mental health clinics in case of having social work”.

In this framework, spokesmen for the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health assured that “currently the guard is operational” and clarified that “the guards are not closed.”

“In the case of a temporary closure, for example when their maximum attention capacity is reached, it is not closed but rather referred. But patients are not left without medical attention,” they pointed out.



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