Complaint against Quavo for violence against a driver


The rapper of the Migos group is in the sights of justice. He allegedly assaulted a limousine driver.

The 30-year-old rapper has not responded to the accusations.


Quavo is once again in legal trouble. After an altercation with Saweetie in April 2021 or an accusation of theft of jewelry in 2018, this time it was a limousine driver who filed a complaint against the 30-year-old American rapper. The case dates back to July 2021, but only surfaces today.

The plaintiff had been hired by the Quavo team to drive him, his Migos group and relatives of a Las Vegas club to the Virgin Hotel. Things would have escalated when the driver forgot to pick up a passenger for this trip. According to the complaint, obtained by TMZ, the group allegedly began by insulting the driver before a member of the gang threw a bottle at him. At destination, the driver was then “attacked for no reason” by five people who hit him several times. In the documents relayed by the American site, it is further specified that the staff outside the hotel did not flinch when they saw the altercation, content to go and look for security guards inside the hotel. the establishment.

The driver claims that this fight caused him a lot of suffering, both physical and mental. He would even have been “disfigured”. His complaint targets Quavo, the Migos tour team as well as the Virgin Hotel. It is not known what the complainant is claiming. Migos has not reacted so far.

  • Police: 117

  • Medical emergencies: 144

  • La Main Tendue (adults, 24/7): 143

  • Pro Juventute (youth, 24/7): 147

  • LAVI Victim Support Centers

  • Violencequefaire (anonymous and free, response within 3 days)


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