COMPANY / Genotyping highlights the relevance for clinical and health professionals of being up-to-date in genomics and medical genetics

Medical genetics is the specialty of modern medicine that encompasses the investigation, analysis, study and treatment of pathologies associated with the human genome. In other words, it is a branch that applies the knowledge of human genetics to medicine to treat even inherited diseases or malformations.

For its part, genomics is the individualization of a person’s genetic profile for a more appropriate treatment of a given disease. According to the experts of the Genotyping platform, this knowledge today is essential for dealing with known diseases and even new viruses.

The importance of medical genetics and genomics

Genotyping is a multipurpose platform that offers information dissemination through a news channel and training in the field of genetics. The latter promotes it through highly specialized courses aimed at university students of Health Sciences, as well as clinical and health professionals.

The group of experts behind this project maintains that medical genetics is crucial for advancing in the diagnosis of various diseases. Knowledge in this area is essential to determine how pathological agents act in an organism. Above all, when there is some type of hereditary predisposition.

Attending to these parameters, but applied to each individual, is when genomics assumes importance. In both cases, a deep and updated knowledge opens new perspectives for health professionals to delve into the causes of diseases. To this extent, Genotyping specialists say, progress can be made in more focused and effective treatments.

Benefits provided by the update in genetic and genomic medicine

Based on the scope of these fields in modern medicine, the importance for professionals to stay current has been established. The Genotipia team is well aware of this, as its training programs are constantly being updated. This dynamic is applied both to university education and to specialized courses.

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They add that the most obvious evidence is the news published daily by the media about new findings. They cited as an example the development of a genetic test to measure cellular immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Another example is the discovery of a crucial gene for the development of the inflammatory response in humans.

The findings on the role of genes in cancer conditions are also providing new insights for the development of new drugs. The Genotyping team asserts that these are discoveries that are emerging daily and at a dizzying pace. Professionals who ignore these advances will be seriously limited in providing solutions to their patients.



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