Company. Geneva airport hopes to avoid the air chaos announced in Europe this summer

When the storm roars all around you, is it possible to pass between the drops? This narrow path is the one that all players at Geneva airport will try to take in the coming weeks. “We are heading for a very difficult summer, but we have made all the necessary efforts. Our objective is to offer a serene journey to our passengers”, summarizes André Schneider, director of the platform. If Geneva is not in a precarious situation, the European sky is as never before, and particularly in the north of the continent. It is therefore by ricochet effect that the passengers of Cointrin could be affected by disturbances, while the travelers have returned.

“We are at 80% of 2019 traffic today. During the summer, we will go up to 90%, ”explains André Schneider. “We expected a return to normal from 2019 in 2024, but it is going faster,” confirms Pascal Hochstrasser, director of Skyguide, Swiss air traffic control. Faced with this situation of…



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