Como, family doctors Nobody wants to do it anymore

Como, family doctors Nobody wants to do it anymore

More and more family doctors are leaving to retire, but no substitutes can be found: the shortages in the province of Como are very serious

There are no more family doctors, we have to wait for the new graduates.

On March 16, the Ats on behalf of the Region banned 89 posts as general practitioners to cover as many empty clinics in the province of Como. By the deadline of 5 April only 14 replied, just 15% of the published posts. The call was intended for doctors in possession of the requirements for general medicine, therefore a specific post-graduate training course. The doctors who responded to the call have freely chosen the area in which they want to operate, from the formal communication of the assignment there is ninety days time to take up service.

In our area we need a total of about 300 doctors to cope with an adequate number of patients. So a little less than a third of the need for doctors is missing.

These numbers do not take into account retirements during the year. Many doctors have reached the age limit set at seventy years, others have already decided to retire early having in any case gained this opportunity. Other holes will therefore open up in the city or in some areas of the province, such as the Olgiate area.


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