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Of course, you know what you use your computer for, what you pay attention to when you put together a new desktop, and what new technologies you look forward to the most. But what about your fellow tweakers?

In April, we asked you to participate in the annual Tweakers Hardware survey. Many thousands of tweakers took the trouble to complete the survey. Making editorial choices is extremely valuable, so thanks for that!

Below, we take a look at how you responded to questions about PC components, games and technology. In a next part, we also share the answers to the questions about, for example, consumer electronics and networks.

Your current computer

To start, we asked a few questions about your current computer. By this we mean the system you use most at home.

Almost 85 percent use their computer to browse the Internet and visit social media. Three-quarters of the tweakers also indicate that they engage in gaming, media consumption and productivity software. Just under a third also use their computer for photo editing or software development. Video editing is less popular at 17 percent, as is rendering at 11 percent. Less than 10 percent use their computer to overclock. Coin mining is the least popular use case at 3 percent.

What does that computer look like inside? We specifically wanted to know about computer users. The two most popular series, AMD Ryzen 5000 and 3000, account for 16 and 13 percent of computers. Still, Intel is slightly larger overall (45 percent) than if you add all AMD options together (39 percent). Intel is more concerned about older processors. The latest twelfth generation Core chips, better known as Alder Lake, had already been on the market for six months at the time of the study, but had not yet reached a share of 2.4 percent.

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What’s coming in your next computer?

Suppose you are now putting together a new system. What kind of hardware do you choose? Let’s start with the most important components of a system for many tweakers: the processor and the video card. AMD is now more than favored with 62 percent when it comes to the processor. The other 38 percent will go for a system with an Intel chip.

Among the respondents who want a separate video card, Nvidia seems to be by far the most popular. The combinations with an Nvidia GPU account for 66 percent, those with an AMD GPU only for 24 percent. Anyone choosing an AMD processor is clearly more likely to go for a video card from the red camp. Only 3 percent will combine an Intel CPU with a Radeon GPU.

We also asked questions about various other components. For example, about the form factor you are going to choose. If you choose a desktop, the vast majority do it for the full ATX format. Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX are significantly less popular. 13 percent will buy a laptop or convertible as their next primary computer, 3 percent will opt for a NUC or mini PC and another 3 percent for an AIO.

Then the video card: for example, are you paying attention to support for new techniques such as real-time ray tracing and smart upscaling? 25 percent consider ray tracing to be at least an important function. With DLSS / FSR, that percentage is 35 percent. A large 47 percent describe ray tracing as ‘nice to have’.

When you buy a video card, you usually first decide which GPU you want, for example an RTX 3070. Then you still have to choose between dozens of models from all different manufacturers. How do you do it? We find the relative performance, i.e. the performance of different models with the same GPU, a striking winner. Usually those performances don’t differ that much from each other; rarely is an RTX 3070 from brand A really noticeably faster than one from brand B.

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The number two, inventory, is obviously one sign of the times. Noise production and cooling follow a short distance; still more than 60 percent of you pay attention to those aspects. Brand love, overclockability and looks are far less important to most tweakers.

Then some short ones. Although you might think otherwise based on all the cool builds you see on Reddit and Instagram, more than half of the tweakers still want an air-cooled PC. 17 percent opt ​​for an all-in-one water cooler and only 4 percent for a custom loop.

Your favorite SSD capacity is now 1TB, but 2TB is on the rise. Not long ago, such SSDs were almost unaffordable. Fortunately, the prices of SSD storage continue to fall. 500GB is really the entry-level option now: hardly anyone chooses a 250GB SSD.

With the increasing power consumption of processors and video cards, we are seeing an increasing interest in power supplies with higher power. Many tweakers are still not sure what kind of power supply they need, but of those who already know, the majority opt for 750W. 850W is also popular. For a long time, 550W was the best capacity for a mid-range gaming PC, but those days really seem to be over.

The future of the computer

In recent years, we’ve heard nothing but that cloud gaming will replace traditional gaming on a PC in the future, at least from the companies working on it. You are skeptical about it for now. 54 percent do not yet use cloud gaming and do not think they will, at least not as a primary gaming platform. 14 percent see cloud gaming becoming their primary gaming platform in more than 2 years, 6 percent even within that time. 15 percent already use cloud gaming, but only a small minority of them as their primary platform.

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What other new technologies could count on your enthusiasm? The next generations of video cards and processors will remain the developments you look forward to the most, with 66 and 64 percent respectively. Display technology, both 8k televisions and monitors with modern specifications, and smart home can count on your interest. About 40 percent are interested in electric and self-driving cars, and in virtual and augmented reality. Drones and 5G networks are the least hot for you.

As mentioned, we will soon also be looking at your opinion on technology outside the computer, such as smartphones and networks. For now, we are curious to what extent you recognize yourself in the opinion of the majority, or whether you really have a different opinion on some questions.



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