From childhood, Laura Lynne Jackson perceives the energies of all those she meets. It is quite unsettling for a little girl, who finds herself sad, angry or happy, depending on the people she meets! She reads the energy of others, absorbs their emotions, has an intuitive knowledge that allows her to bring so much good to humans. But it will take time for him to realize that this gift is a blessing. It is by contacting the immense comfort that she can bring to others that Laura Lynne will open up fully to what the invisible gives her. And that’s where she brings us the keys:

  • We are all connected to each other, here on Earth and in the Hereafter, by cords of light and love.
  • Our thoughts and actions mean a lot to those who have died: our love and understanding can help them continue to evolve.
  • It is never too late to forgive, our departed loved ones are still receiving our messages.

Why are we here? What Happens When We Die?

Laura Lynne Jackson’s teaching is simple yet powerful: We are here to learn. To give and receive love. To be agents of positive change on this earth.

Much more, we must learn to recognize our own light, we must always allow our truths, our gifts and our light to illuminate the way forward.

When we honor our personal light, the result is magnificent! When we act consistently, the path we are on is the right one.

Even when our decisions take us down the path of fear rather than that of love, nothing matters because we are able to turn back in the right direction. In the Hereafter, our loved ones hope that we will make the right choices and sometimes help us find them. They want our surpassing, our fulfillment and our happiness.

Laura Lynne Jackson’s story offers us an unprecedented interpretation of the infinite spaces of consciousness and amplifies our gaze on human experience.

The author of Signs

Laura Lynne Jackson is a teacher, speaker and medium. She is a member of a research group with the Windbridge Research Center and approved medium of the Forever Family Foundation. His first book, The Light Between Us, “The Light Between Us” was on the list of bestselling books by New York Times, just like his book Signs, recently published by Ariane Editions.

She lives on Long Island with her husband and their three children.

She was the subject of a show in the series The Goop Lab, a series produced and directed by actress Gwyneth Paltrow and premiered on Netflix in January 2020. This show was nominated twice at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards.

She is one of the experts interviewed on the show Surviving Death, recently released and also streamed on Netflix. A program recommended among others by the magazine Forbes. She has also appeared on shows like Dr Oz and Fox Friends very popular in the United States.

She has been interviewed many times, including by Dr Mark Epstein, psychiatrist and author, by American actress and comedian Chelsea Handler and also by magazine.

His books, including Signs, are among the bestsellers of the New York Times.

The book :

THE LIGHT BETWEEN US, Heavenly Stories and Life Lessons, de Laura Lynne Jackson

Éditions Ariane, October 2021, 286 p.

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