Then there was a lull in the construction industry and his father, a self-employed concrete mixer driver, urgently needed the money. “At that moment I was angry, I was also disappointed, I have to say, because I had so many goals and I imagined what I would do with this money, but of course I gave him the money,” said Ceylan visibly moved. Three years later, his father repaid him the 10,000 D-Mark (around 5,100 euros).

Ceylan grew up in Mannheim’s working-class Waldhof district, and later became known throughout Germany as a comedian. After all, Ceylan reported that he was able to keep a promise and buy his parents his own apartment. His father had just seen the shell of this apartment before he died, and his mother still lives there very happily: “My mother always has the fruit basket full and doesn’t have to worry.” The full fruit basket has been a status symbol for her since she saw it as a child at work in German households.

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