Comeback at Eurobike 2022: The moped is back – electric & modern

Trends from the Eurobike
The moped is back – electric

In the 1970s, mopeds dominated the streets of Germany. This genus is now almost extinct. But now there are signs of a comeback – albeit with modern technology. They could also be seen at this year’s Eurobike, but also many pedelecs and cargo bikes.

The trends at this year’s Eurobike, which ran from July 13th to 17th, were the trends of previous years. There were again plenty of pedelecs, and the number of cargo bikes has increased significantly. It was about the desire to travel, sustainable materials, CO2 reduction and micromobility. And then there was the return of the moped, which, however, was no longer powered by rattling two-stroke engines, but purely electrically. Most of these soft-footed shoes, which are now available in a wide range of variants, build a stylistic bridge to the 1970s.

The Super73 brand already refers to this in the name. The specialty of the Americans are e-bike cruisers with a rear-wheel motor and an airy frame construction. What all model series have in common are small spoked wheels with voluminous tires, pedal drives and long benches. The RX and S2 series in particular also carry dummy tanks. Higher quality models have spring-loaded chassis.

Driving without a permit and driver’s license

However, since these are essentially electrically assisted bicycles, the 25 km/h fast Stromer can be ridden without registration and a driver’s license. The prices vary between 2600 and 4600 euros. Unfortunately, the Super73 Kremer Racing Porsche 934 shown at the Eurobike is not available for sale.

Brekr e-mopeds do not have pedal drives and must therefore be approved as light electric motorcycles.

(Photo: Mario Hommen, sp-x)

The e-mopeds from Brekr look much more modern. These do not have pedal drives and must therefore be approved as light electric motorcycles. Here, too, there is a rear-wheel motor that delivers up to 4 kW/5.4 hp. The maximum speed is either 25 or 45 km/h.

The black box in the center of the frame offers space for one or two battery packs for a range of 50 to 80 kilometers each. The Brekr B4000, which weighs almost 80 kilograms with batteries, is characterized by its elegant design, as can be seen, for example, in the freely floating seat with integrated rear light. For pickup, the Brekr costs 4750 euros.

Funky wie die 70er


The funky from the Italian company XP Bikes.

(Photo: Mario Hommen, sp-x)

Again, the funky one from the Italian company XP Bikes looks a lot like a 70s moped. This also combines a rear motor and pedal drive, which means that the city bike with 20-inch wheels also qualifies as a pedelec. But instead of serving as a fuel tank, the bulky down tube is used to hold the 696 Wh battery. The XP Funky is offered online for less than 2000 euros.

The company Ruff Cycles from Germany has been offering e-bikes for several years, which are characterized by classic motorcycle aesthetics. With its fourth model, Lil’Missy, the lifestyle brand clearly flirts with a classic moped aura. But unlike the rear-engine examples mentioned above, Ruff Cycles, as with other models, relies on a mid-engine drive from Bosch. This means that the Lil’Missy is clearly a pedelec. Among other things, the longer seat and 20-inch wheels with 4-inch tires ensure the moped look. Prices start at around 3000 euros.

(This article was first published on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.)

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