Combine brown shoes: How to style sneakers, boots and co. in shades of brown |

Combine brown shoes: How to style sneakers, boots and co. in shades of brown |

Combining brown shoes is easy with the right tips. So that your look does not appear visually overloaded, you should follow these rules.

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Combine brown shoes – You can’t go wrong with these colors

Whether sneakers, boots or another type of shoe, combining shoes in shades of brown is child’s play and sophisticated at the same time. We’ll give you a few tips that will make your choice easier at every opportunity.

  • The colors black, white and gray always harmonize with brown. So, if you are thinking about what to wear in the morning to make the outfit look good with your brown shoes, then choose one of these colors.
  • Brown shoes also go well in combination with jeans. So consider pairing your footwear with one blue jeans to wear.
  • Instead of a blue see too olive green pants with most shades of brown.

Brown shoes for men – How to avoid a break in style

For a long time, men’s brown shoes were considered leisure shoes. It’s different today.

  • Dark brown shoes look chic in combination with a dark blue suit. On the other hand, if you choose a cream suit, then you should opt for cognac-colored shoes. The look can be rounded off with a handkerchief and a belt in the same colour
  • If you are invited to a party or an evening event, you should prefer classic, black shoes. Brown shoes are still considered inelegant on formal occasions.
  • When buying a suit, however, it is not just about the matching shoes. You should also pay attention to the tips for choosing the length of suit pants.
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Brown shoes for women – There are no such strict fashion rules here

It is obviously easier for women to adapt to fashion rules because there is more leeway for new fashionable combinations.

  • Above all, you should make sure that the style of the shoe also matches the rest of the outfit. For example, if you are wearing a sporty combination, brown sneakers go better with the overall look than an elegant brown shoe.
  • To round off your look and underline the brown shoe color, you should also combine your accessories in the same colors with your outfit.
  • When buying shoes, make sure that you ideally have one Baga belt and possibly Gloves have in the same color.

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