Coma patient in Tyrolean clinic wakes up «

An Italian woman woke up in a rehabilitation clinic in Zirl after being in a coma for eleven months.

10:27 p.m., June 9, 2021


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30-year-old Cristina Rosi was admitted to the clinic for treatment after she suffered a Cardiac arrest while giving birth to her daughter in the Tuscan city of Arezzo Suffered brain damage Italian media reported. Now she is said to have recognized her husband and daughter.

Thanks to a donation, the woman was brought to Zirl for treatment. The therapy is now showing results. “My wife reacts to stimuli and has recognized us,” emphasized the patient’s husband, who has to take care of the little daughter Caterina, who had to be born by caesarean section in the seventh month of pregnancy. He hopes for further donations to continue the rehabilitation of his wife in the Tyrolean clinic. A fundraising process was started on the “GoFundMe” platform.

Cristina Rosi also received support from her favorite singer Gianna Nannini. The Italian rock queen, who, like Cristina, comes from Tuscany, recorded a sound message with well-being wishes for the woman.

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