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With the extreme rise in temperatures and the increase in humidity, coinciding with the summer, drinking ice water becomes a safe haven to relieve the heat, and sometimes some people are unaware of whether this habit is beneficial or harmful to the body, so there have been many searches recently about what happens to your body when Drinking ice water in summer?

What happens to your body when you drink ice water in the summer?

And lifeberrys answered the question of what happens to your body when you drink ice water in the summer. Although this habit is prevalent in the summer, some people are ignorant of the danger of repeating it and sticking to it, whose main risks are as follows:

Sore throat

Eating ice water after eating causes a lot of mucus in the respiratory tract, which makes it vulnerable to many health crises, such as sore throat and stuffy nose.


Ice water also causes some problems for the teeth, such as sensitivity, which sometimes leads to difficulty in the process of chewing or drinking, and it is preferable to drink water at normal room temperature.

Digestion problems

Drinking ice water can cause blood vessels to constrict and upset the digestive process, as it works to shrink the stomach, making digestion more difficult after eating.


Sometimes ice water causes dehydration, as your body compensates by expending energy to regulate temperature.

Difficulty losing excess weight

Drinking ice water increases the difficulty of burning the fat stored in your body, and thus makes losing excess weight more difficult as well. It is preferable to avoid drinking water for at least 30 minutes after your meal, especially cold water.

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slow heart rate

Cold water also reduces the body’s heart rate, since it stimulates the tenth cranial nerve, which is known as the vagus nerve, which is an integral part of the body’s autonomic nervous system, as it helps reduce the heart rate, and the consumption of cooled water stimulates the nerve, which It leads to a lower heart rate.

body shock

It is preferable not to drink cold water immediately after exercise, especially during hot weather, due to the large heat that is generated after any exercise, as well as the body’s inability to absorb cold water after exercise, so eating it is useless, as ice water causes a shock to the body, and it can It can cause chronic pain in your stomach.



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