Colors of the homeland | The secret of the emergence of 3 new symptoms of monkeypox… Immunology consultant clarifies

In a recent study prepared by the American journal “NEJM”, the largest series of studies on monkeypox to date, an international collaboration of doctors announced three new symptoms in people with the disease, and these symptoms include genital lesions, mouth ulcers and ulcers in the anus.

That study examined 528 confirmed infections in 43 sites between April 27 and June 24, 2022, and the researchers found that one in ten individuals in the study had only one skin lesion in the genital area, and that 15 percent of the people in the study had pain in the anus or rectum;

Improper sexual relations

In this context, Dr. Nahla Abdel-Wahab, a consultant for bacteria, immunity and nutrition at Cairo University Hospital, said in exclusive statements to Al-Watan that the new symptoms of monkeypox, which are the appearance of genital lesions, ulcers in the mouth and ulcers in the anus, are a product of sexual relations. Abnormalities among men, which cause skin ulcers in the genital areas, result in lesions, and the infected person is a source of infection for all members of his family, through friction or clothing and belongings.

Isolate anyone with symptoms

The bacterial and immunology consultant added that these practices are the cause of the spread of the disease in many European countries, until the declaration of a state of emergency by the World Health Organization, and therefore religious values ​​that prevent us from practicing such forbidden relationships should be adhered to, in addition to being very careful about personal hygiene. And the cleanliness of the place, with the need to isolate any individual who shows symptoms of the virus, such as high temperature and body pain.

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It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a global health emergency, as of last July 22, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were 16,836 confirmed cases of monkeypox globally.



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