Colombian performed 25 operations, completely changing his body: unusual photometamorphosis

Rayen dos Caras from Colombia has become a social media hero thanks to his appearance. The young man set himself the goal of becoming the most unusual person in Latin America. And, it seems, he achieved it.

The 24-year-old has been tattooing himself since he was 12. During this time, Ryan almost completely covered himself with drawings, making a tattoo even in front of his eyes. In addition, the guy introduced implants under the skin to simulate horns, cut off the tip of his nose, began to wear huge tunnels in his ears and cut his tongue in two.

Ryan spent about 12 thousand pounds (almost a million rubles) on such metamorphoses. It is known that Ryan’s wife fully supports his hobby. The couple are raising a daughter.

What Ryan Dos Caras was like before getting addicted to tattoos and what he looks like now, see our photo report.

Photo source: social networks.

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