Colombia and the US begin the international air exercise Lightning VI

Deployment of F16 and Kfir fighters

F16 during exercises. Photos: Jonahtan Ortiz for

07/17/2021 | Black

Erich Saumeth

The Colombian Air Force (DO) and of the United States (USAF) have started their participation in the international exercise Lightning VI, which takes place over Colombian skies, more precisely from the Cacom Air Combat Command No.5 located in the city of Ríonegro, in the north-east of the country and which will run during this week.

Colombia deployed units of its IAI Kfir C10 / 12 COAwhile the USAF, its squad of Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50 (made up of five F16C and a F16D), in a series of missions aimed at strengthen interoperability, guidelines, tactics, techniques and doctrines between both forces, within the framework of the standards of the OTAN, an organization of which Colombia is a global partner.

In developing the maneuvers, particular emphasis will be placed on on S-type missionsEADIn other words, the destruction of anti-aircraft defenses, operations in which the FAC is continuously trained, as well as in air support and surveillance and control of airspace.

Lightning VI It occurs by virtue of the close relations that both countries have in terms of defense and security, and as a strategic ally of the South American country, also with the aim of dissuading possible regional threats against Colombia.

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