False parking in Cologne can in future simply pay for their tickets with their remaining purchases at a supermarket checkout, and the city has started a pilot project. Anyone who has parked incorrectly in Cologne will now receive a barcode in addition to all other information about their misconduct, as is known, for example, from deposit receipts.

When shopping, you can have it scanned at the cash register and pay the so-called warning fee – a transfer is then no longer necessary. This is not only possible in Cologne, but at more than 12,000 participating retail branches nationwide. No other municipality is known to the association of cities and municipalities in which such a system is already practiced.

For the project, the city has teamed up with Cash Payment Solutions, whose partners can pay the fine. The pilot operation, which initially only covers “warning fees for parking violations”, is planned for one year. It is conceivable that the system could be extended to other administrative areas. But the current project also covers many traffic tickets, so the city of Cologne issued 850,000 tickets in 2018.

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