Jared Leto has made a habit of eating naked. The actor of “House of Gucci” confided that he often enjoys his meals without any clothes on the back, however refusing to explain why this desire takes him.

In conversation with Ellen DeGeneres for the “Burning Questions” segment, the host asked her to point out three things he does naked, to which the comedian replied that he was sleeping naked, “doing somersaults” naked, and eat naked.

“I often eat naked,” he said.

In 2019, Jared Leto famously walked the Met Gala red carpet with a replica of his own head, however the actor admitted that he has no idea where that head is today.

“The last time I saw her, it was at my house,” he said. “I think I lost her.”

Ellen then joked, “You’ve lost your mind.”

The actor also admitted to having a guillotine in his house, adding, however, “I won’t say more.”

During this conversation, Jared said he used to work in a movie theater but lost his job after being caught dealing drugs.

“I worked in a cinema when I was little,” he explained. “But I was fired because I was selling drugs in the backyard. I was just a businessman.”

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