Cokeagne, Tom Hanks' Favorite Champagne and Diet Coke Viral Cocktail

The new trendy drink does not come from a viral TikTok account, but from the personal recipe book of Tom Hanks. We are not in 1996, although it may seem like it is in a time when all the popular trends emerge from social networks. The actor has the staff revved up with his favorite alcoholic drink, a mixture of Coca-Cola Diet and champagne baptized with the name “cokeagne”.

The drink in question has everything to succeed: It’s original but it’s easy, with just two ingredients (plus ice if drinks aren’t cold); It allows you to use a low-quality champagne, so it is ideal for getting rid of those bottles that are collecting dust in the storage room at home; and on top of that it has an attractive name, one of those that gives a lot of play because it seems like something else when you pronounce it in English.

That being said, you may be wondering where exactly that “cokeagne” thing came from. It was a few days ago, during a visit to The Late Show, when Tom Hanks confessed that he liked to combine two-thirds of the container with Coca-Light in a long glass and the rest, up to the top, with champagne. “I’m not a big drinker. I don’t drink so I usually have a Diet Coke”Tom Hanks told host Stephen Colbert. Hanks is diabetic, which is why he consumes this soda and not others.

Colbert quickly picked up the glove and they both prepared live “cokeagnes”, Tom Hanks’ favorite cocktail with Diet Coke and champagne. “Look at the color, isn’t it spectacular?”, the actor told the presenter at one point in the interview. He, when he tasted the drink, was pleasantly surprised by its taste, giving his approval to the mixture invented by the popular actor.

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From there, social networks did the rest and in just a few hours “cokeagne” became the fashionable drink.

How Cokeagne is made

If you’re curious and want to try cokeagne, the cocktail is very easy to make at home. You only need the two ingredients repeated over and over again in this piece, Diet Coke and champagne. The latter does not have to be of good quality.

In fact, reading testimonials from cocktail specialists, such as Daniel Miller in The Philadelphia Inquirer —yes, in the United States there have been reports about “cokeagne” these days—, it is recommended that champagne is not good. “Cheap, dry bubbles are probably best because Diet Coke is so sweet.”, Miller points out to the aforementioned medium.

Miller himself compares the result of cokeagne to that of a popular cocktail of Italian origin, the Amaro Sprtiz, which is made by combining Amaro, a sweet and bitter herbal liqueur, with sparkling water, lime and ice. Whether or not it resembles this drink, the truth is that it is easier to make the mixture of Diet Coke and Tom Hanks champagne. As you can see in this viral video of actress Elizabeth Banks (‘The Hunger Games’), it takes exactly 30 seconds to do it.

You just need a suitable glass and follow the order and quantities. First, two thirds of Coca-Light, and then freshly opened champagne, so that it has more bubbles, almost making the glass overflow. Of course, if both drinks are not cold, put ice on them.

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