Coffee price on the Croatian beach causes a stir – readers

In Croatia, prices are rising just like in Austria. An Olympic athlete now shows how much a coffee on the beach can really cost.

While a few years ago you could go on holiday in Croatia relatively cheaply, the prices have now been adjusted. If you want to enjoy your breakfast on a beautiful beach, you usually pay three euros or more for a coffee. But above all, inflation and the wave of price increases do not stop at Croatia – so holidaymakers on the Adriatic will probably have to dig deeper into their pockets this year.

Price polarized on known beach

Ivana Brkljačić, a former Croatian Olympic athlete, proves that there is another way. The hammer thrower is currently spending her time on the Murter. On Friday morning, she enjoyed her morning coffee at a bar near Slanica, on one of the most famous beaches in the region.

Local chef sets a positive example: 7 kuna for a coffee (approx. 93 cents)Private

The award amazed the 39-year-old – in a positive way. The bill for her coffee was exactly 7 kuna – that’s about one euro. Enthusiastic about the prize, she posted a photo of it on Instagram – complete with an applause emoji. The local owners prove that there is another way of pricing than constantly rising steeply.

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