Code red in parts of France, record temperatures of up to 46 degrees expected | NOW

France is experiencing a heat wave. According to the National Meteorological Service, that could lead to a temperature record at its peak on Saturday afternoon. Then the mercury should be hitting 46 degrees somewhere. Code red has been issued for eleven departments. “It is really an exceptional situation,” said Météo France.

In the southwest of France, people have to take into account a temperature of 43 degrees. Elsewhere in the country it is now between 35 and 39 degrees. In combination with the drought, the danger of wildfires is very great.

As far as is known, the extreme heat has killed at least two elderly people. The sender France Info reported that an 80-year-old man, who had laid down on a towel in the scorching sun, has died on the beach of Pornichet. It may have been due to sunstroke. When he stopped moving, other bathers sounded the alarm. Attempts to resuscitate him failed.

In the same area, an 82-year-old died in a swim. The transition from the outside air of 35 degrees to the water, barely 16 degrees, was probably fatal for him.

Météo France predicts thunderstorms for Saturday night that will move into the country from the Atlantic coast. They can be accompanied by violent lightning and strong wind gusts. The weather change is likely to end the heat wave, although it could last a little longer in the east.

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