The artwork of the first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone shows the BR map Caldera including new operators and weapons.

The Twitter page ‘PlayStation Game Size’ uses the PlayStation 4 database for its information and was, among other things, one of the first sources for the official design of the new EA offshoot before the release of FIFA 22. In the night of Monday (November 22nd) the site published an artwork of the first joint season of Vanguard and Warzone, which should also come from the PS database. The corresponding download should according to the page just over 40 gigabytes – since the new Warzone Pacific map “Caldera” will be implemented with this patch, this should be a realistic order of magnitude.

The coast of the new BR map, which will be located on a Pacific island, can be seen in the background. There is also a in the middle Plane wreck. Before that are three operators placed over the Battle Pass can be unlocked and should serve as faces of the season. The weapons they carry also appear to be new. While the gun of the lady depicted is probably an MP – the weapon is similar to a TEC-9 – the hooded operator wears a sniper or a DMR, the third weapon could be an assault rifle. Activision has the Release von Season One last week postponed to December 8thWhat this means for the Warzone event “Secrets of the Pacific”, which was supposed to start on Wednesday (November 24th), has not yet been confirmed.

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