After a disappointing second half of the season, the Minnesota RØKKR are forced to change. Adam “GodRx” Brown will be replaced by Kaden “Exceed” Stockdale in the playoffs. Those responsible hope for better team dynamics through Exceed’s faster and more active playing style.

Minnesota is not performing online

After the last Toronto Home Series, where they could only get a map, the coaches decided to make a change. Despite GodRx’s outstanding performance in the first half of the season, they identified him as a weak point for the second half of the season. His style of play was the slowest and would not be able to compete with the rest of the league. Exceed, on the other hand, is a fast, energetic type of player who would do the team good for the current situation.

Before the Liga Corona switched to online events due to Minnesota, Minnesota was in a good fourth place. But since then, the team has won only five of the last 17 games. Her last win was over three months and six home series events. On May 23, they beat OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 3-2. They lost the eight subsequent games. They ended the season in eighth place and were just sliding into the winner bracket of the playoffs. The fifth place finisher from New York awaits them there.

This is how the playoffs go

Unlike previous World Championships, this year’s playoffs will only take place online and in an alternating double elimination format. This means that teams that start in the winning bracket (places 1-8) can afford to lose without flying out of the tournament. They then slide into the loser bracket, from where they still have the chance to reach the grand finale. The four poorly placed teams of the season (9th to 12th place) already start in the loser bracket (here called elimination round) and would have to win a total of seven games to become world champions. For comparison: the two top-ranked teams, Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire, have at best only three games to be champion.

The playoffs are divided into two events: the first starts on August 19 and ends on August 23. The four remaining teams will play a Championship Weekend on August 29th and 30th.