Cocote, “committed French shopping engine” against Amazon

Cocote is a UFO. The small Orleans start-up defines itself as “a committed French shopping engine”. And committed, it is on all fronts: ethics, taxation, environment, economic patriotism, protection of personal data, transparency, offers, prices, labels… The henhouse is overflowing.

“Basically what we want to develop is a real alternative to Amazon,” says Olivier Decan, its 38-year-old founder. What I criticize other French sites for is either being very demanding and therefore offering a restricted product catalog, or saying yes to everything without any distinction. We want to offer a very broad offer, open to everyone, but with more information. “

4 million products and soon 20 million

Launched in September 2019, already brings together 4 million products and targets 20 million by the end of the month. All areas are covered: food, fashion, beauty, home, multimedia, transport and even professional equipment.

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For now, the platform is a comparator. Buyers are returned to the seller’s website at the time of the transaction. But by the end of December, Cocote will also become a marketplace, with more than 2,000 traders, both online and physical. Cocote has just raised 106,000 euros in crowdfunding on We do Good, after an initial fundraising of 160,000 euros.

Cocote’s strength is its weighting tool for research. From the home page, you can position several sliders to define what is important to you during the purchase: relevance, price, proximity, speed of delivery, labels or reviews.

“We do not have a sponsored ad, all sellers are on the same level, argues Olivier Decan. It is the consumer who indicates his preferences to sort the results. We indicate the distance to which each product is located and an Ecoscore, on the same model as the Nutriscore, informs the customer if his purchase is more or less responsible. “

A generous cashback program

As the platform aims to be virtuous for the planet and employment in France, it is this Ecoscore that will determine the amount of cashback you will receive as a reward for your purchases. To use the poultry metaphor, this virtual currency has been called “coconut”. “We donate 50% of our total income to our users every month, which is unheard of,” prides Olivier Decan. The sum is distributed according to the amount and the Ecoscore of the customer’s purchases. Some can receive up to 50 euros per month. Cocote also claims not to sell any personal data.

For sellers, the model is Freemium: the service is free below 50 euros in monthly sales and commissioned at 7% above. An extremely attractive price when we know that most marketplaces charge commissions between 12% and 20%.