Coaching changes in the RPL: ​​who headed Spartak, CSKA, Sochi, Dynamo – Abaskal, Fedotov, Garanin, Jokanovich

In the Russian Premier League, coaching resignations have become more frequent. Five specialists steered Lokomotiv alone during the season – Nikolic, Loskov, Gisdol, Compper and Khapov! An interesting situation has developed in Rostov, where between the resignation and the second appointment of Karpin, the team managed to lead as many as three specialists – Yuri Semin, Zaur Tedeev and Vitaly Kafanov. Only Zenit, Akhmat, Wings of the Soviets and Rubin refrained from reshuffles on the coaching bridge. We tell you what changes have taken place in the headquarters of the RPL clubs in six months.


Vladimir Fedotov –> Vadim Garanin.

Fedotov made a huge contribution to the success of Sochi: first he dragged the team into the top 5 of the Russian championship, and this year he took the RPL silver medals, losing one match in the second part of the season. In many ways, Sochi managed to achieve this result thanks to a phenomenal ending, when Rubin was defeated (6:0), CSKA was beaten (1:0) and Dynamo was dismantled (5:1). As for Fedotov’s replacement, Garanin has done an excellent job at Enisey, where he has won 11 out of 16 matches since January.

“Two lost consciousness – finished the match with nine.” Coach-opening of the season in Russia


Sandro Schwartz -> Slavisa Jokanovic (?).

It seemed that Schwartz and Dynamo were able to make a “golden” double – the gap from Zenit was not so big, and in the Cup of Russia the club came across passable rivals. However, the blurred ending of the championship, as well as Fomin’s penalty shot in stoppage time of the country’s Cup final, left the blue and white only with RPL bronze medals. After leaving Dynamo, Schwartz immediately took charge of Hertha. The first talk about his arrival in the German club began in early May. Dynamo, according to SE, will be headed by former Sheffield coach Slavisa Jokanovic.

We wrote about him:

What to expect from the new Dynamo coach?  The Serb was both very successful and terribly failed
What to expect from the new Dynamo coach? The Serb was both very successful and terribly failed


Victor Goncharenko –> Daniel Farke –> Alexander Storozhuk.

Goncharenko’s dismissal at the height of the winter holidays surprised just about everyone. According to the “Championship”, the leadership of “Krasnodar” made such a decision, desperate to get through to the coach. Under Goncharenko, the Bulls went into the winter break in fifth place, two points behind the second (Sochi). In 17 matches of the championship, Krasnodar scored 28 points.

Farke took over the club a week after Goncharenko’s dismissal. The approach of the German amazed Galitsky. “Before negotiations with the Krasnodar bosses, Farke studied everything about Krasnodar. He even translated all the interviews with Galitsky in order to be aware of everything. Farke also presented his vision for the development of the team. Galitsky was delighted,” our sources said. However, due to the February events, the German coach left his post without having played a single official match. On July 1, Farke took charge of Borussia Mönchengladbach.


Alexey Berezutsky –> Vladimir Fedotov.

Berezutsky got his first experience as a head coach. He worked the whole season in CSKA, but did not reach great heights. The army team was left without trophies and medals, although they improved last year’s result in the championship (they moved up one place). The leadership was not satisfied with such insignificant progress – Fedotov, in which several RPL clubs were interested, should speed it up.


Markus Gisdol –> Marvin Comper –> Zaur Khapov.

The German specialist came to Lokomotiv in October. Under Gisdol, Lokomotiv disgraced themselves in the Champions League, losing three out of four matches, and gave out a sad series of three defeats before the winter break. Thus, Marcus won only three victories in 12 games. Compper, who came to Gisdol’s headquarters as an analyst, spent three matches at the helm of Lokomotiv: he flew out of the Russian Cup, losing to Yenisei, and beat Khimki (3:2) and Spartak (1:0).

Markus Gisdol

Markus Gisdol

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Khapov, who worked as a goalkeeping coach, played eight matches with Lokomotiv (three wins, two draws, two losses). True, declaring Khapov de jure head coach, the club emphasized that Compper would continue to prepare the team for the matches. The goalkeeping coach will be listed as the main one in the new season, if nothing extraordinary happens.


Vitaly Kafanov –> Valery Karpin.

Karpin returned to the position of head coach of Rostov in early March. The specialist clarified that he had an agreement with the club to return. Rostov was inspired by the arrival of Karpin: under him, the team won six matches, drew twice and lost three times. And this despite the fact that after February 24, Rostov lost six legionnaires.

“It’s actually a miracle.” How Karpin became a superhero in Rostov

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Rui Vitoria –> Paolo Vanoli –> Guillermo Abascal.

After the end of the first half of the 2021/2022 season, Spartak fired Rui Vitoria and opted for Paolo Vanoli. The work of the Portuguese specialist received ambiguous assessments: on the one hand, the ninth place in the championship (four points from the joints), on the other hand, reaching the 1/8 finals of the Europa League from the “group of death”, with two victories over Napoli.

Paolo Vanoli after the Russian Cup final

Paolo Vanoli after the Russian Cup final

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

As for Vanoli, he did what he had to. The Italian brought Spartak the first trophy in five years, knocking out Kuban, CSKA, Yenisei and Dynamo on the way to the Russian Cup. In the championship, Vanoli did not improve his situation, losing points in eight matches out of 12. Abascal did not have time to show his skills yet. His contract with Spartak is for two years.


Igor Cherevchenko –> Sergey Yuran.

Cherevchenko left and returned to the post of head coach this season. During his absence, Khimki was led by Igor Yushchenko, who had risen from the youth team. The return of Cherevchenko did not give anything new to the team: the club did not win a single match out of four, and in February Khimki received Yuran. The 53-year-old specialist lost only four games out of 12, did not avoid joints, but retained his residence permit in the RPL thanks to the victory over SKA-Khabarovsk on aggregate.


Alexey Stukalov –> Sergey Tomarov.

Stukalov stayed in the outsider of the RPL for more than a year. Despite only three defeats in the spring, Ufa did not manage to avoid joints. The club from Bashkortostan lost to Orenburg on aggregate and went to the FNL. Back “Ufa” will be lifted by another coach.

Sergei Tomarov has been appointed acting head coach. Together with him, the Ufa coaching staff included specialists Nikolai Safronidi and Artur Shaibekov, as well as goalkeeping coach Rinat Kamalov. Tomarov will prepare the Ufa team for the new FNL season at a training camp in Asha (Chelyabinsk region). The specialist has already worked in the structure of the club as a head coach, and was. about. in the main team and led the youth team.


Miodrag Bozovic -> Oleg Kononov.

The second arrival of Bozovic at Arsenal was less successful than the first. The Montenegrin coach took the last place with the Tula in the RPL and flew to the FNL. Under his leadership, Arsenal won six out of 27 matches and none in the second part of the season. Oleg Kononov will pull the team out of the first division. For him, this is also the second parish in Tula. Then he worked for five and a half months and headed Spartak.

“Nizhny Novgorod”

Alexander Kerzhakov -> Mikhail Galaktionov.

The story with Kerzhakov is surprising. The coach kept the team’s residence in the RPL, taking 11th place, but was left without a contract for the new season.

Alexander Kerzhakov

Alexander Kerzhakov

Russian coach

“It is not correct to comment on the actions of the club and the fact that the team started the training camp without me. My contract with Nizhny Novgorod ended on June 1st. Until the first of June, there was a normal working dialogue, they discussed the extension of my contract, plans to form a team, fees. Now there are no conversations. I am ready to consider other proposals. If it comes from Nizhny Novgorod, then of course I will consider it. The team and I have done a serious job and had a good season, completed the task. And me and my family like the city.”

“It’s hard to discuss tasks without a contract.” Will Kerzhakov be kicked out of Nizhny?!

Nizhny Novgorod made a bet on Mikhail Galaktionov, who is now coaching the Russian youth team. He will combine a position in the club and the national team. His contract with Nizhny Novgorod is for two years. As for the future of Kerzhakov, he can lead Volgar.



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