Co-op and a release date for Kirby and the Forgotten World on Switch – teller report

The whole thing is accompanied by a brand new video a little richer in information than the previous appearance of the game, during Nintendo Direct in September. For the little pink ball, this time it will be a question of freeing the Waddle Dees imprisoned by the Beast Pack. Following the guidance of the Elfilin butterfly spirit, Kirby will venture into a new world where nature and a past civilization seem to have merged. A large Urbex of platforms to tame to validate each stage of the game, saving as many small companions as possible.

A past master in copying and transforming, Kirby can count on a multitude of abilities, to which are added the Driller, to dig the ground and surprise enemies, and the power of Explorer, to target an enemy in the distance. using a blunderbuss. As mentioned above, the little mascot will also be able to team up with Bandana Waddle Dee, always ready to prick enemies with the tip of his spear – nevertheless, if we are to believe Nintendo’s details, local co-op will only be practiced on the same machine.

In the same way, we understand that the adventure will revolve around the same hub, Waddle Dee Town, a “nerve center” that will welcome new features as you progress and Waddle Dees are released. New shops will open, with mini-games up for grabs, since Kirby can, for example, help out at the Café, in order to obtain the best score. The sage Waddle Dee will also give advice in the heart of the village to whoever wants to listen. Finally, online features will allow you to share some information between players, such as the total number of Waddle Dees rescued in the world or the most popular ability at the moment … provided you are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online.

In short, something to calmly envision the character’s 30th birthday, the celebrations that open in particular with a wallpaper that you can enjoy a few lines above or directly at this address


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