Close acquaintance of Albert unpacks!

Marital crisis with Princess Charlène of Monaco and Prince Albert? Vera Dillier, an old friend of Albert, is now unpacking about the relationship.

the essentials in brief

  • Luxury lady Vera Dillier is a close friend of Prince Albert.
  • The Zurich woman is now chatting with the Germans from the sewing box.
  • Is there really a crisis between Albert and his Charlène?

On July 1st, Prince Albert of Monaco (63) and Princess Charlène of Monaco (43) celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. But the love anniversary was anything but a happy day.

The ex-athlete has lived in South Africa for months. The royal couple therefore spent their wedding day separately. Alleged reason: The 43-year-old is not allowed to travel due to an ear, nose and throat infection.

In an interview with the South African website “Channel 24”, Charlène recently complained that she missed her husband terribly. However, Royal fans are already whispering that their marriage is over.

Now the Zurich luxury lady Vera Dillier (72) goes one better. The jet setter unpacks with the Germans about Albert’s marriage. Before his relationship with Charlène, the prince was a completely different person.

She remembers Albert as a fun-loving man. “I’ve never laughed as much in my entire life as I did with him,” said the 72-year-old on “RTL”. She met the prince in St. Moritz in the 80s – the beginning of a close friendship.

Vera Dillier: “Charlène and I didn’t get warm”

The Zurich resident asserts, however, that nothing ever happened between them. The prince did not “leave out” any of her friends for this. Dillier: «Nobody has ever complained. They all smiled blissfully the next day. “

Charlène also knew about Albert’s women’s stories. The princess is said to have rang the alarm bells when she saw him fooling around with Vera Dillier in St. Moritz.

She remembers: “Albert and I had told each other something funny, then Charlène came along and he introduced her to me. But we didn’t warm to each other. She wasn’t enthusiastic about me and I wasn’t enthusiastic about her. I don’t think she was enthusiastic about any of Albert’s female friends. “

Do you think that Charlène cannot travel due to illness?

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