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Little by little, mental health has become one of the key pieces when we talk about the health market. More and more people are giving the psychological framework the interest it deserves and, in this context, certain therapies that were once underestimated have gained special relevance. The best example of this reality can be seen reflected in hypnosis, which, moving away from the mystical connotations of science fiction, is carried out from a clinical point of view. A series of techniques that participate in our well-being from many perspectives, helping us to develop a full life free of emotional conflicts.

Health What is clinical hypnosis?

If we think of the word hypnosis, probably the first image that comes to mind is that of a magician with a clock swinging before our eyes, to make us fall at his feet. Well, clinical hypnosis has nothing to do with this fictional concept. The patient is conscious at all times and with full powers of understanding, it simply goes into a state of ultra-concentration. This causes undeniable relaxation, where the professional, as long as he is from rigorous clinics such as will be able to work to help us grow personally.

The specialist is in charge of previously analyzing what are the personal problems that are preventing us from living fully, something very similar to what a psychologist does. From this point, he begins to deal with the patient’s past, with his daily habits and with his fears, causing them to overcome themselves. Increase self-esteem, overcome blockages, face trauma, reduce anxiety, etc.There are many reasons why going to Samandi is a smart choice in terms of health.

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A clinical hypnosis session usually lasts between 75 and 90 minutes.. A time during which the specialist in these techniques is responsible for addressing all issues of interest, thus ensuring that the patient gets all the emotional tools that can help him for the future. From Samandi, in addition, they offer the maximum rigor, since his hypnotherapist, Juan Luis Barreira, has all the official titles and endorsements that demonstrate his clinical capacity.

Health Benefits of clinical hypnosis

The psycho-physiological state that clinical hypnosis takes us to brings us a long list of benefits that can be very useful for the rest of our days. We have already talked about some of them, however, we prefer to specify them, so that you can see all the potential that this technique offers. By working at the subconscious level, patterns are found that we didn’t even know we were experiencing.. Individual sessions that guarantee maximum efficiency in each case, helping patients to achieve their goals with total solvency.

One of the most outstanding benefits of clinical hypnosis is the fact of being able to overcome all kinds of habits that are harmful to physical health. A good example of this is quitting smoking. Tobacco brings us a particularly curious withdrawal syndrome, since the psychological aspect is stronger than the physical one., which is why hypnosis is of great help in this matter. A theory that also concerns the fact of leaving alcohol in many cases. Something similar happens with being overweight, since many of the binges are more related to emotional causes than to hunger, thus being able to eliminate those extra kilos, with the minimum effort. Regarding our emotional integrity, we cannot ignore the impact of hypnosis for the balance of the mind, being able to enjoy that stability that we so much need for our daily routine. Generate positive thoughts, get rid of insecurities, face adverse situations, improve in studies, unlock the past or even give meaning to life, they are also direct effects of hypnosis sessions. As you can see, it is a before and after for our daily reality.

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