On far-reaching restrictions on social contacts the federal chancellor and heads of government of the federal states agreed on March 22, 2020. The aim was to slow the increase in the number of cases and to prevent the health system from becoming overloaded. In April and May, the chancellor and country leaders then gradually eased the situation. The contact restrictions will remain in effect until June 29th. Details continue to regulate the countries. (Here is an overview of the federal government on regulations in the federal states). In the event of regional rapid increases in the number of infections, the local authorities should react immediately with new restrictions.

■ A distance of at least 1.5 meters one should continue to keep outside to all other people except the escort.

■ Ein mouth-nose protection must be worn throughout Germany when shopping and in public transport.

■ The following applies since the beginning of May: members of two households may basically meet – for example two families or two shared apartments. There are also special regulations in individual federal states.

Schools and preschools are supposed to open again for all children before the summer.

■ In clinics and care facilities the rules were relaxed: Patients or residents can be visited again by a certain person.

All shops in Germany are allowed to reopen under certain conditions – without limiting the sales area to square meters.

In sports Training in the open air is allowed again. But recreational athletes must adhere to certain requirements. A distance of at least 1.5 meters must be guaranteed.

The soccer Bundesliga has continued the season with ghost games since mid-May – at least the first and second league of men. The women’s soccer league, on the other hand, remains suspended for the time being. In any case, there will be no more games in front of an audience this season.

Major events remain prohibited until August 31.

At restaurants the states should regulate gradual openings themselves. The states also have to take responsibility for the easing for cinemas, theaters, hotels or cosmetic studios.

■ playgrounds are reopened subject to conditions – the chancellor and country leaders agreed on this on April 30.

Services and prayer meetings are approved again – under special infection protection requirements. Baptisms, circumcisions and weddings as well as funeral services should be possible in a small group.

■ Museums, exhibitions, memorials, zoos and botanical gardens can open again under certain conditions.