Climate Council shows politicians the way | climate referendum

Petition demands implementation of the recommendations and more public participation at all levels

Vienna (OTS) Citizens are willing to take far-reaching measures to contain the climate crisis. This is shown by the results of the climate council, which were presented on Monday. A council alliance of civil society organizations is therefore calling for the speedy implementation of the recommendations in a joint petition. Politics and society are also called upon to use and expand the instrument of citizens’ councils.

The climate council of citizens has also shown in Austria: Even with complex issues, citizens’ councils find a consensus that a large part of the population can support. That’s why the council alliance, consisting of Fridays For Future Austria, climate referendums, Extinction Rebellion and more democracy! Austria calls for citizens’ councils to be used at all levels – from the municipality to international associations – in view of the increasingly catastrophic effects of the climate crisis.

“No government in recent decades has managed to make the necessary decisions to contain the climate crisis,” criticizes Sebastian Nemeth, campaign spokesman for the climate referendum. “The climate council has shown that the citizens are much more advanced and want consistent climate policy.” The climate council demands a fundamental right to climate protection as well as the cancellation of all direct and indirect subsidies for fossil fuels. “These are issues that have been on the table for a long time, but have still not been implemented,” explains Nicky Deluggi from Fridays for Future. “The demands provide important impetus for achieving the Paris climate goals.”

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The citizens involved in the climate council, but also the scientists and other committed participants, deserve the appreciation of society and politics. After all, they have voluntarily taken on a strenuous and difficult task that politicians have shied away from for decades. “We therefore expect that the Federal Government and the National Council will take the recommendations of the Climate Council seriously and see them as guidelines for legislation,” demands Heinz Wittenbrink from Extinction Rebellion. Climate councils are an opportunity to democratically shape urgently needed changes for rapid decarbonization. “That is why we are calling for citizens’ councils to be anchored in law. We expect that further climate councils will be set up to take measures to comply with the 1.5 degree target, and that their decisions will also have political relevance,” emphasizes Florian Wagner from mehr demokratie! Austria. The petition can be signed online until October.

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