Climate activists block traffic in Berlin during rush hour

Climate activists block traffic in Berlin during rush hour

Activists from the climate movement “Letzte Generation” blocked several main roads throughout the city of Berlin on Monday. Photo: X (Twitter)

Activists from the climate movement “Letzte Generation” (Last Generation) blocked several main roads throughout the city of Berlin since the morning of this Monday, September 18, 2023, forcing the deployment of more than 500 agents in order to to put an end to traffic jams at rush hour.

«After Last Generation supporters yesterday distinctively marked the Brandenburg Gate with orange paint, from 07:15 this morning they blocked various main roads throughout Berlin in order to once again emphasize this symbolic form of protest with the means of civil resistance,” the movement announced in a statement.

According to activists, they are being affected by the sit-in exits on the A100, A103 and A114 motorways, as well as several national access roads to the German capital in at least 23 points.

The Berlin police, for their part, reported through the social network

He added that in some intersections, the operational groups were able to prevent the actions, while in others there are already activists who have stuck to the asphalt.

«We understand that you may be upset by the protests but please do not intervene or even use force. Our colleagues will arrive as soon as possible,” they urge citizens not to try to remove the activists from the roads.

The protesters wear orange vests and banners with the slogan “Away from fossil fuels, towards justice” and many have stuck themselves to the asphalt with instant glue, activists reported.

«Yesterday, several Last Generation supporters sprayed orange paint as a warning on the six pillars of the Brandenburg Gate with fire extinguishers prepared for this purpose. Today’s sit-ins also make it clear: delaying the necessary political change is no longer possible,” the statement said.

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Marion Fabian, 73 years old and spokesperson for Última Generación, affirms that while the chancellor, Olaf Scholz, “behaves dishonestly with citizens and neither names the incipient climate collapse as a danger nor implements the necessary emergency measures” , activists will use their blockades of traffic in Berlin during rush hour to the “means of protest that cannot be overlooked or ignored.”

“We are firmly determined and prepared to continue our peaceful resistance until the socially necessary change is achieved away from fossil fuels,” he adds from the exit of the A103 motorway. (YO)

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