Clear commitment after the TV drama

The broadcaster VOX recently announced that the collaboration with Caro, 42, and Andreas Robens, 54, will be paused for the time being. After the TV drama, the bodybuilder now shares a clear commitment …

The VOX broadcaster and “Goodbye Germany” cameras have been accompanying the emigrants Caro and Andreas Robens for years – the two have not been on German TV since their “Sommerhaus der Stars” victory, at the latest to be imagined.

The two regularly let the audience and fans participate in their life on the sunny island of Mallorca. The transmitter VOX accompanied the extraordinary couple in all their important steps. But that could soon be over!

The broadcaster recently made a shocking announcement on the official Instagram page of “Goodbye Germany”:

We have been accompanying Andreas and Caro Robens on their emigration for 6 years and tell their story. During this time we have always worked together with both of them in a spirit of trust. During this week, we were confronted with completely surprising information that cast doubt on a story from Andreas’ past. We will now carefully examine all the information available and then decide whether to continue our cooperation. There will be no further filming with the Robens until the final clarification.

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Caro Robens: Declaration of love on Instagram

A shock for viewers and fans who have been wondering since this posting what exactly could have happened between the cult couple and the broadcaster. According to a report on the news site “t-online”, Andreas Robens is said to have had one Knife attackthat happened in his past have lied. The bodybuilder shouldn’t do this only victims have been.

So far, the two wrapped themselves around the Allegations in silence and stressed to that they were up to date not yet to be able to express. Now, however, Caro Robens divided up clear commitment via Instagram – to her husband Andrea. The black and white photo shows Caro and Andreas smiling and arm in arm. The 42-year-old wrote the following Declaration of love to her husband:

I just enjoy every day that I have you by my side. You are the best thing that ever happened to me

No matter what in the past happened by Andreas, the two seem to continue to stand behind each other and to each other support. How things will continue with the “Goodbye Germany” format will certainly be in near future demonstrate.

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