Clean-up work after a storm in Carinthia is in full swing in 5 minutes

Dark storm clouds gathered in Carinthia late Friday afternoon. What followed were hailstones the size of golf balls in the Klagenfurt area, huge amounts of heavy rain in the Lavanttal and sometimes violent gusts of wind – twice! Because there were two thunderstorm cells that drew a path of devastation through Lower Carinthia. In many places, the damage can still be seen today, even though 40 Carinthian fire brigades were still there at night for more than 170 (!) severe weather operations moved out! We have reported.

Clean-up work in Lavanttal in full swing

In the area of ​​the village of Eitweg alone, twelve fire brigades fought against the rain masses, which brought with them numerous floods. Together with the forces of the Carinthian road administration and the municipality, the large number of operational addresses is still being processed. The situation in the rest of the Lavanttal has also been tense since yesterday. Among other things, the St. Michael volunteer fire brigade was also deployed there. The Florianis report: “After a short but very intense thunderstorm, small-scale flooding occurred and several cellars were under water.” Together with the St. Margarethen fire brigade, they fought mud, debris and water for three hours.

Klagenfurt weirs in continuous operation

The Carinthian state capital was not spared from the storm either. “Numerous operations, such as fallen trees, flooded streets, water ingress in buildings or fire alarm systems that were triggered, demanded all the fire brigades in the city of Klagenfurt until late in the evening,” say the Florianis of the St. Martin volunteer fire brigade. The professional fire brigade said: “On behalf of the entire Klagenfurt professional fire brigade, we would like to thank the volunteer fire brigades of the city of Klagenfurt for their commitment during yesterday’s storm! Without your support, such extreme situations would hardly be manageable.”

Heavy storms also in Klagenfurt-Land

It also went well in the communities of Krumpendorf, Pörtschach, Moosburg, Feldkirchen and Friesach. “Our comrades had to go out on a total of 25 missions last night due to the severe storm. The range of applications extended from fallen trees, flooded streets and cellars, a car accident to destroyed roofs,” says the volunteer fire department in Krumpendorf. They were in constant use for almost six hours.

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