Claudia Valdés sends a message to the doctor who said her daughter would never walk

Cuban actress Claudia Valdes He recounted an episode lived with his daughter Lucia to encourage all his followers not to be defeated by those who predict fatal outcomes for a problem.

“This message is for the kind of doctors who limit life and end the hope of many families,” Valdés begins his video, where he urges those who see him not to let anyone limit their faith.

“Your son is not going to get out of bed, your father is not going to last more than six months, your mother has no life expectancy, your son is never going to do such a thing,” he quotes some of the toxic comments to which sometimes people have to cope when a family has a health problem.

In his motivating message the couple of the comedian, host and actor Alexis Valdes Take this opportunity to emphasize that human potential and hope are incalculable.

“For that doctor who told me that my daughter was never going to walk: she is walking,” he added before thanking the rest of the doctors who are in his life.

“Never let them limit your faith,” she says in the video she shared with the same message, where she added that one of the orthopedists who had seen the girl as a child told her that “she would not walk just because her legs were twisted.”

Claudia, who comments that when that orthopedist told her that her daughter would not walk, she reacted laughing, thanking and marching, now she can happily tell the good news that her daughter walks thanks, not only to those who did believe she was soluble and put braces on her , but to her own trust and faith as a mother and not to stay with the opinion of the one who called her to throw in the towel.

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Lucia will be three years old on July 14. Last year Alexis and Claudia celebrated the second year of life of the queen of the house with a multicolored cake, “full of colors like my life by her side!”, As the actress herself described in her social networks for celebrate that new year of life of your Lulu, as they affectionately call it.

Although she does not usually publish photos of her little girl on her networks, on more than one occasion the architect of “As I see it podcast“He has come to them to show some touching moment with the girl.

“Mom is a very soft and rich bed” he wrote a few weeks ago next to an image where he is seen holding Lucia asleep in his arms.

Just hearing the name of your little girl is enough for Claudia to words of pride and love pour out.

“Lucia is the little crystal that I never want to break, that I take great care of it, that’s for me” she said once, visibly moved.

Grateful and honored for “the privilege of being her mother”, the young actress has also confessed.

Alexis Valdés, who has two grown children, América and Leonardo, the result of his relationship with the Chilean actress Paulina Gálvez, celebrated the last birthday of the youngest of the house by sharing a poem that he had written months before.

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