Claudia, the daughter for whom Alonso Caparrós has emerged from every setback in life

Claudia, the daughter for whom Alonso Caparrós has emerged from every setback in life

Alonso Caparrós’s daughter, Claudia, is once again a pillar for the collaborator in the midst of his new mental slump

Alonso Caparrós (52 years old) is going through a difficult personal moment. he himself confessed in tears this Wednesday in ‘Save me’ under a halo of mystery, but little by little new details have been revealed about the reasons for the collaborator’s sadness. In the midst of this emotional slump, Alonso has the unconditional support of one of the most important people in his life: his daughter Claudia.

Since Caparrós returned to television and announced his recovery from drug addiction, his daughter has remained by his side and has not hesitated to publicly show his support and pride for all the obstacles he has been able to overcome throughout his life. of their life.

Claudia y Alonso Caparrós

Claudia has been a fundamental support for her father, Alonso Caparrós


The close bond that Alonso and his daughter now have has not always been such. The journalist’s addictions led him to be absent for years and to lose the relationship with his two children. However, since her return to the media spotlight, there have been many occasions when the young woman has shown that her quarrels are a thing of the past and that she has sincerely forgiven her father.

Claudia has not only been a fundamental pillar for her father, but has also played a fundamental role in Alonso’s reconciliation with his other son, Andrés. This is how the collaborator himself confessed a little over a year ago, when his daughter appeared by surprise in ‘Save me’ to show her his affection: “We are very proud of all your achievements both on a personal level, which has been a struggle, and professionally” , he told her on behalf of her and her brother.

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Without a doubt, Claudia’s support has been fundamental in the resurgence of Caparrós and it is being so now that he is going through a emotional rut of which he did not want to give more details. “A series of things have happened to me lately on a personal level that have me a bit out of my mind (…) I don’t want to continue, it’s not the time. I’m absent, but I have my reasons,” he limited himself to explaining this Wednesday in his programme.

It was Gema López who was in charge this Thursday of giving more details about the reason for her partner’s downturn. The journalist revealed that the collaborator has just lost a close friend and, in addition, has encountered an unexpected economic problem caused by his mismanagement in the past.

This is Claudia, the daughter of Alonso Caparrós

Claudia Caparrós is the result of the failed marriage between Alonso Caparrós and Elena Alarcón. The young woman is 22 years old and, although she maintains a very discreet profile and away from the media, on her social networks she boasts of her multiple talents.

The daughter of Alonso Caparrós has published several songs under the stage name of Cheesy and works as an entertainer at events, in some of which she has surprised attendees with her skill in the discipline of pole dance.

Despite living out of the spotlight, Claudia has always publicly supported her father and has not hesitated to go on television or give interviews to express her love and speak naturally about the problems that kept them apart for a while.

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In late 2020, father and daughter were speaking for readings and revealed unknown details about their relationship. “The stage of addictions was separate, in the sense that it did not affect me directly. It lasted many years. I did not talk about it with him,” the artist confessed.

Claudia Caparrós

Claudia Caparrós maintains a discreet profile and lives away from the media

Instagram @claucaparros

When Alonso decided to face his illness and resume his normal life, Claudia was by his side. “I supported him because my father intended to clarify things, face them and close one stage to open another,” he said in the aforementioned interview, assuring that they are now living a happy family moment and have left bad memories behind.

Undoubtedly, Claudia’s presence once again becomes paramount for Alonso Caparrós, who is trying to come back from the hard personal moment that has marred his sweet stage after overcoming his addictions.



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