Claudia S.M.The 20-year-old had his whole life ahead of him. But the recklessness of a driver ended his dreams in the early hours of last Friday to Saturday in the area of Moncloa in Madrid. He rammed her at high speed and ran over him, killing him. Instead of stopping and helping her, he fled. Claudia’s older sister, according to an acquaintance of the family to EL ESPAÑOL, was present at the scene. “Your trauma will remain forever”says this person, very affected by what happened.

The young victim of the hit-and-run was studying Medicine on the Complutense University of Madrid, like his sister. It was originally from The Gran Canarian palms, where his parents practice as cardiologists. Both work at the Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria, a place where the mother is also dean of cardiology. The couple also have a consultation in the center of the capital of Gran Canaria and enjoy a high prestige. Claudia followed in his footsteps.

The relative of the family assures the following, referring to the mother of the deceased young woman: “It is the best on the whole island. I met them at various meals, as well as being patient, like all my family. She is the only one who had the ability to operate on my niece, since the intervention required ‘to go through’ his heart to get behind him, where the problem was. “

Claudia grew up in a happy environment marked by study, music and sports. As a teenager, he participated in various races in Gran canaria and he played the cello, one of his great hobbies. Thus, he was part of a symphonic group of pop-rock music led by the professor of Medicine Manuel Sosa and offered other chamber music recitals in small municipalities on the island.

Already in Madrid, the young woman resided in the Berrospe University Hall of Residence, on University City, located very close to where the events took place at dawn last Saturday. El Berrospe is a feminine and religious college of the Jesuit sisters Daughters of Jesus. There, Claudia had many friends and often participated in the outings organized by the center. In the photos, she is always seen smiling. The young woman also played in the team of women’s volleyball from the college.

The director of the center, Naiké, has declined to comment for this newspaper, although she has acknowledged that the Berrospe community is strongly affected and conveys his “deepest condolences.”

In a publication spread on their social networks, the college highlighted that it had always been Claudia’s “home”, “where he has shared and given so much life”. The student residence organized an evening of prayer on Saturday night and a mass on Sunday in the parish of San Bruno. For their part, Claudia’s parents moved to Madrid on Saturday afternoon.

Deadly run over

Claudia’s fatal outcome happened shortly before 2:15 a.m. on Saturday. At that time, the young woman got out with her sister from a VTC vehicle in the Paseo Juan XXIII from Madrid. Across the street, a Citroën C2 black He surprised them at great speed and took Claudia ahead. Then the driver fled.

The doorman at number 23 on the same road witnessed the scene and immediately came to help Claudia, while calling 112. The young woman was in cardiorespiratory arrest and presented multiple trauma on her legs and abdomen, as the vehicle ran over her after ramming her. The doorman practiced the first resuscitation maneuvers, following the instructions of the emergency personnel on the phone.

After half an hour, an ambulance from the Samur Civil Protection, whose staff tried again to resuscitate the young woman for another half hour, but without success. The health workers certified her death without being able to transfer her to the hospital. A psychologist del Samur also attended the sister in the same place, who was in a state of ‘shock’.

A 19-year-old detainee

After questioning some witnesses to the outrage, the local Madrid police released the details of the vehicle through Twitter, requesting the citizen collaboration to locate your driver. According to the police description, the car had a broken window and had considerable damage to the front.

Thus, at 3:42 p.m. on Saturday, a cleaning worker at the City of Madrid warned the National Police, to whom he assured to have located the vehicle. This was parked on Ronda Sur street, in the neighborhood of Vallecas. A patrol went to the place and reported that the car had blood on the hood, had a dented left part, the headlight and the driver’s glass broken and was covered with cardboard and towels caught with the windshield wipers. It also had a fractured front window with a considerable dent.

Time of arrest of the vehicle owner.

Municipal Police of Madrid

After informing the Municipal Police, the agents found the owner of the vehicle, a 19 year old young man resident in Madrid. The car was not insured either.

After these checks, the young man was arrested and transferred to the police station. During the interrogation, the detainee denied that it was he who was driving the vehicle at the time of the fatal accident. The uniformed men have taken his fingerprints, but now they are looking as the main suspect to a friend of the young man.


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