Claudia Bezverkhova considers herself perfect, despite the tattoos

Klava Bezverkhova made another tattoo on the fifth point, where, along with the pentacle, the initials of Artyom Grant flaunt. This act caused ridicule and disapproval from the audience of House 2, who are sure that the girl needs to think about her child and behavior, and not about new tattoos. But Klava does not see anything wrong with her behavior, Bezverkhova considers herself ideal, despite the tattoos associated with occult symbols.

“Each tattoo on my body, an event that happened. Bad – good, it doesn’t matter! I capture this event on my body. Do I regret that I got it? Of course not! This is my life, I have the right to make mistakes. In the right “spoil” your body. – says a member of House 2 to her subscribers who criticize her passion for tattoos. Earlier, we told on the sloka how Klava stuffed the name of Artyom Grant on her hand, but the girl does not want to stop there.

“I can do whatever I want. As long as it does not harm others! I can at least get all clogged up !!! I love my body and all its flaws. It’s 2022 in the yard, and people are surprised by” tattoos ” But I like everything, but I’m not perfect, but I’m alive! I live here and now! Because life is beautiful. ” – Bezverkhova defends herself from haters.

Artyom Grant supports his project partner and is somewhat proud that she dedicates a tattoo to him, although this couple has been on Dom 2 for less than a month. How many tattoos will Klava have after six months of relationship, what do you think?

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