“Class justice does not decide pro anti-fascists” (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

imago images / Arnulf Hettrich

Demonstration against nationalism in Stuttgart (May 19, 2019)

The Stuttgart district court sentenced an anti-fascist, known in local circles as “Findus”, to a prison term of two years and six months. Did you expect such a severe punishment?

At least it didn’t surprise us. The court has passed several exaggerated judgments against people from the anti-fascist movement in recent years. “Findus” were charged with several crimes over a period of around two years, including assaulting a police officer, attempted assault and trespassing. During a Nazi rally in Pforzheim he is said to have tried to pull a police officer into his own ranks. As with other allegations, however, the evidence was very thin. In another case, protests against a morning pint from fraternities, in which “Findus” was involved, was processed as follows: Anyone who resisted the rights that were beating up at the time was reported afterwards.

Another accusation against “Findus”: coercion against the AfD city councilor Olaf Barth from Villingen-Schwenningen as part of protests against an event of the party. Downright ridiculous! In spite of decades of experience in the Bundeswehr, Barth once worked as an individual combat instructor, felt threatened “with his life” by what he said was a boy who was 1.60 meters tall. Barth came to the trial with two bodyguards who, unlike all other court observers, were not checked by the judicial officers.

Do you see this as evidence that there are entanglements between the judiciary and right-wing circles?

At least it is noticeable that everyone who wanted to accompany the proceedings in solidarity was searched and scanned and their cell phones were taken away. On the first day of the trial, there were arguments because judicial officers took pen and paper from a comrade. The question arises as to why the AfD attendants were allowed to bring mobile phones and writing utensils into the meeting room on the penultimate day of the trial, contrary to the court order. After the lawyer from “Findus” complained in court that there were double standards, the judicial security service told the judge that the companions of the AfD city council had to hand over weapons or weapon-like objects during an initial inspection. The officer checking the hall again spoke of a mistake, he had taken the people for police officers.

Incidentally, the bodyguards of the AfD man were apparently so well known to the public prosecutor that she went to lunch with them. That observed trial attendants who were standing in front of the court at the time.

The antifascist’s attorney has filed a regulatory complaint. Do you place your hopes in action like this?

No. From our point of view, this class justice is and has always been on the wrong side. It decides according to the interests of the rulers, not in the interests of the left and anti-fascists. The actions of the Judicial Security Service towards anti-fascists are unfortunately not an isolated case.

Do you fear that AfD and neo-Nazis on the street see themselves confirmed by the behavior of the court could?

From our point of view, the proceedings at the court are further proof of how much fascists are already part of the bourgeois institutions. In the districts of Esslingen, Sigmaringen and the Rems-Murr district, law enforcement officers recently confiscated such an amount of weapons that trucks were needed to transport them. The suspects are at large again. That actually says everything about how the state deals with anti-fascists and how with fascists.