Munich – Before the cracker between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers (now live on ProSieben MAXX and, the 7pm games were already hot.

Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17:45

Against the Miami Dolphins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to stretch for their fourth win of the season. The injury-ridden Dolphins started well and took the lead after a nice pass from quarterback Jacoby Brissett. In the end, the replacement of Tua Tagovailoa stood at 275 passing yards and two touchdowns. He also suffered a fumble and an interception.

In the second quarter, the reigning Super Bowl champion then hit back ice cold. Tom Brady dismantled the Dolphins pass defense using every trick in the book. With 411 passing yards and five touchdowns, the “GOAT” once again showed an outstanding game.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown also had a creamy day. The Routiner finished the game with 124 receiving yards and two captured daughterdowns. In the second round, Brady and Co. had a harder time for a long time.

With constant running game the “Bucs” finally managed to extend the lead before Brady made the final decision with a nice pass to receiver Mike Evans.

In the final minutes it became really clear, Evans also caught his second touchdown. He finished the game with 114 receiving yards. The Buccaneers are with a record of 4-1 at the top of the NFC South, while the Dolphins slide further and further out of the playoff race with one win and four losses and occupy third place of the AFC East.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings 17:16

Even before the game, the Vikings had to accept a setback with the failure of star running back Dalvin Cook. But this was certainly not the reason for the surprising defeat. Alexander Mattison stepped into the breach and ended the game with 153 yards and a touchdown.

The pass offensive around quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​also unwound its typical program. The routine threw for 275 yards and one touchdown. Wide receiver Justin Jefferson had a creamy day with 124 receiving yards.

With the Lions, however, the offensive got off to a late start. Quarterback Jared Goff made several mistakes and ended the game with 203 passing yards and no touchdown. The German-American receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown again showed a strong performance and came up with seven receptions for 65 receiving yards.

In a wild finish, the Lions took the lead a few seconds before the end of the game after a 2-point conversion. The Vikings struck back in the form of cousins, however, and came in turn to a field goal that turned kicker Greg Joseph from 53 yards.

New England Patriots at Houston Texans 25:22

Twisted world at the New England Patriots game for the Houston Texans. The otherwise so strong Patriots Defense found it surprisingly difficult against quarterback David Mills and Co. and ran after a deficit for a long time. Mills showed his best performance in the Texans jersey and ended the game with 312 passing yards and a touchdown.

The Patriots offensive had long stretches of trouble to attack the vulnerable Texans defense. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones had 231 passing yards, a touchdown and an interception at the end of the game.

Despite three long field goals from Patriots kicker Nick Folk, the Texans were able to hold the lead for long stretches. A touchdown from Hunter Henry in the last quarter made it even before kicker Nick Folk converted to the final score.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars 37:19

It couldn’t have gotten worse for the so far winless Jacksonville Jaguars. In the first drive, the Tennessee Titans forced a fumble and carried the ball back into the end zone. Trevor Lawrence and Co. hit back immediately. In the end, the number one pick was 273 passing yards and a total of two touchdowns.

The Titans once again placed their fate in the hands of running back Derrick Henry, who delivered the next strong game with 130 rushing yards and three touchdowns. The Jaguars had nothing to oppose the superstar and fell apart in the second half

Ryan Tannehill also woke up after a bumpy start and delivered a solid game with 197 receiving yards and a touchdown. At the end of the day, the Titans achieved an undisputed victory.

Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers 17:23

Trembling victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers! Against the Denver Broncos, Ben Roethlisberger and Co. were able to save a lead over time after three defeats in a row. “Big Ben” was clearly better than in the previous weeks and ended the game with 253 passing yards and two touchdowns. He repeatedly found receiver Chase Claypool, who conjured up 130 receiving yards on the field.

Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos found their rhythm late in the game and had a chance to equalize in the final seconds. The quarterback had 288 passing yards and made two touchdowns and an interception.

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers 22:20

In a highly competitive game, the Philadelphia Eagles make a late comeback against the Carolina Panthers. For a long time, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was offensive. 198 passing yards in an interception weren’t enough for a long time, but towards the end of the game he showed his versatility with two rushing touchdowns.

Unlike in the past few weeks, Sam Darnold had some problems with a poisonous Eagles defense. The passing touchdowns faced three bitter interceptions. Running back Chuba Hubbard, who stood in for Christian McCaffrey once again, had a strong 134 yards.

In the Eagles Defense, cornerback Darius Slay stood out, who was able to intercept two balls from Darnold. In the form of Donta Jackson, the Panthers Defense also managed an interception in the game.

New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team 33:22

The away game of the New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team was also a spectacle. Above all, Saints quarterback Jameis Winston experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions. In addition to an interception and a fumble, he made four touchdowns thrown and 279 passing yards for an offensive brilliant performance.

The highlight of the game was a Hail Mary from Winston before the half-time break on wide receiver Marquez Callaway. Winston found his pass recipient in the end zone a second time, so that he ended up with 85 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

At the football team, quarterback Taylor Heinicke experienced a used day with two interceptions. Running back Antonio Gibson scored both touchdowns. At the Saints, Alvin Kamara was the decisive man on the offensive and ended the game with 122 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns.

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