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Now it is the representative of the Venezuelan who put a stop to the rumors and clarified the situation.

The state of health of Chyno Miranda

Julius Duchernethe singer’s manager, revealed that Chyno is in recovery and denied that he was on the verge of death in a hospital.

He’s fine. I cannot give many details, since I would not like to be the spokesperson, but I can say that he is very well, at home with his family“, he said in an interview with Diario Libre.

In January, some media reported that Jesús Miranda, his real name, had been hospitalized, a situation that Ducharne also denied.

“The press has said things that are not true and we only ask that respect“, he told the Dominican newspaper. “The family is focused on his recovery, when (the family) understands, more details of his health condition will be given,” Chyno’s representative concluded.

What is a fact is that since 2021 the interpreter of ‘The Worst’ left Miami and moved to his native Venezuela to be with his family during his recovery.

Nacho asks for prayers for Chyno Miranda

His friend and former partner of Chyno and Nacho recently spoke about his health.

He is focused on his recovery one hundred percent. Through a cousin of his, who is a friend of mine, he gave me very good news,” she told the program ‘Hoy día’. “He told me that his recovery is going very well, that they have even been noticing changes that were not there before.” , he added.

The singer asked his followers to pray for Chyno’s speedy recovery: “He is still focused on recovering and I feel that’s where You must have all your energy. I would ask the fans, everyone who loves him, to pray or send your energy for a miracle“He said on the show.

What happened to Chyno Miranda?

On November 9, 2020, Chyno Miranda He reported through social networks that he was not in good health, since in the first quarter of that year he contracted covid-19 and caused neuropathy that left him in a wheelchair for weeks. Almost two years later he is still not fully recovered.

“In the first few months of the year, he began with brief but intense discomfort in his hands and legs that intensified. Pains that first forced him to drastically stop his active life of exercise, his daily activities to a point where couldn’t walk anymore“, reads the press release he published in 2020.

Since then he has been undergoing treatment and his recovery is remarkable, but he is still not one hundred percent healthy.

In July 2021, he surprised his fans by taking the stage again with Nacho at the Youth Awardswhere he showed that his health had improved.

In September of that year, the singer announced his temporary withdrawal from social media and public life to focus on his recovery.

Although he separated from his Natasha Araos, the mother of his son Luca, the businesswoman allegedly keeps an eye on him, despite the distance, since she continues to live in Miami.



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