Chus Mateo talks about the atmosphere that Madrid will have in Belgrade.  Here your words

Chus Mateo talks about the atmosphere that Madrid will have in Belgrade. Here your words


sport Chus Mateo habla sobre el ambiente que tendrá el Madrid en Belgrado. Aquí sus palabras

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  • 01/05/2023

Real Madrid will play this Tuesday (8:30 p.m.) the third game of the series against Partizan. It will be in Belgrade and a defeat for the whites would get them out of the Euroleague. Without Yabusele or Deck, although optimistic about a possible return of Walter Tavares, Chus Mateo has appeared at a press conference to analyze the match.

The white coach has spoken about the atmosphere that Madrid will have in Belgrade, Tavares and other issues.

Here his words:

The atmosphere in Belgrade

“Nothing is going to happen. The people there encourage their team a lot and make you doubt your things. It’s not easy to play in an environment where there are so many people, so close, so involved in the game and so vibrant, but let’s talk about basketball. We go with the mentality of playing a basketball game without further ado, we do not think about being afraid, we are going to be calm, play basketball and from now on to talk about basketball forever ».

comeback operation

«I have experienced many things with this group and this club. There has never been a comeback with a 0-2 against, but we are going to fight. I have confidence in this group and if we can expect things from someone, it is from them.

Will Tavares play?

«Edy is somewhat better. This tie has been marked by our lack of two pivots and at some point of not having any. The scenario changes with Tavares and Poirier, because everything is different ».

Dante Exum could play against Madrid. Obradovic updates his physical condition

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