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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Maryland speaks of a “sad day for women’s health and safety”. They were “deeply disappointed,” said the conference’s executive director, Jenny Kraska. “Many companies will now be forced to pay for abortions through insurance,” says Kraska.

Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s veto was overturned on Saturday by a majority of Democrats in both chambers. The law, scheduled to take effect on July 1, expands the definition of “qualified providers” for abortion, which now includes nurses, orderlies, midwives and physician’s assistants.

costs are covered

The Abortion Care Access Act also requires the state to provide $3.5 million annually for clinical training for abortion doctors beginning in fiscal 2024. In addition, the new abortion law mandates that the cost of abortions be borne entirely by the Medicaid health care program for low-income earners, children and the elderly. Religious organizations can be exempted from the legislation.

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