Chucklefish unveils Wildfrost for PC and Nintendo Switch

Chucklefish today announced that deck-building adventure Wildfrost will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in Winter 2022.

In Wildfrost, players assemble a deck of charming pets and powerful elemental items to reclaim a world fallen to the Wildfrost. Only the small civilization of Snowdwell and the remaining survivors remain as the last bulwark against eternal winter. Use your strategy and card building skills to reach the Sun Temple and end the Wildfrost once and for all!

As the game progresses, players have the opportunity to recruit new map companions and gift them talismans to boost their powers, giving players an edge in battles. After each playthrough, return to Snowdwell and rebuild the town, unlock more maps, and face new challenges and events – an adventure that can be repeated endlessly.

Wildfrost will be available in English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese for PC and Nintendo Switch in Winter 2022. “Wildfrost is a highly entertaining take on the deck building genre, combining challenging strategic roguelike gameplay with an incredibly cute aesthetic! You can never really be mad when an army of deceptively cute pengoons is stopping you.” Says Katy Ellis, Marketing & Publishing Director at Chucklefish. “We are thrilled to be able to announce initial localization plans for Wildfrost as well. It’s always a pleasure to see people from all over the world playing our games and we hope to expand the list of languages ​​ahead of release. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Steam Wishlist dates to see which languages ​​the community is most interested in!”

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