‘Chu’ Vásquez admits non-compliance to the mother of a victim

The Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús (Chu) Vásquez Martínez, answered questions from Listín Diario journalists about the vicissitudes that Carmen Ferreras is going throughmother of Joel Díaz, the young man murdered along with his wife the night of the March 30, 2021by a National Police patrol.

Doña Carmen Ferreras told a reporter from this outlet that so far the promise to help her in any need she might have has not been fulfilled, words coming from President Luis Abinader, who delegated the job to Minister Vásquez.

Currently, the mother of the deceased resides in a house located in the Los Alcarrizos sector, built of blocks, without plastering, a zinc roof and a rusty metal door.

Yesterday, “Chu” Vásquez alleged that the situation of repairing his house has been delayed, because the legal parts of the new home must be verified.

We have a commitment to that family, We have had the difficulty that we are seeing the legal parts, to see if we can repair their home or if we can give that family a new home,” the minister declared.

He said that the Dominican government will respond for Joel’s family “be it one way or the other”.

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